Express Bakery was established in 1971 by Alan Johnstone and over time has become the largest craft bakery in Dumfries & Galloway. Now run by his two sons Malcolm and Stanley from their bakery at Heathhall on the outskirts of Dumfries. Express Bakery supply quality products throughout south Scotland and into England. At Express Bakery we pride ourselves on making delicious bakery products and are committed to delivering consistently well crafted products to our customers. Express Bakery produce a variety of bakery products: Bread Rolls, Potato Scones, Pancakes, Award winning Meat Products, Confectionery and Desserts.

Our Products

We use only the finest ingredients and traditional bakery techniques to give us delicious baking. Where we can we do not use preservatives - we pride ourselves on using natural, ethically sourced ingredients. Even when it comes to salt content we are comparatively low versus the industry's average. Our roll flour in particular is a high protein flour giving a superior colour, taste and boldness – our flour is milled to our own specification by a family miller who are now in their sixth generation. Our rolls are small batch, gently kneaded for a lighter, softer, thicker baker shop quality and are made using a long fermentation process - from mixing to baking takes 12 hours - giving a far superior flavour to the roll. We use rapeseed oil for both ethical and quality reasons and limit the use of palm oil where possible. We use as gentle a process as possible when mixing all our doughs to enable us to produce a lighter, softer, thicker, 'baker shop' quality every-time. Our pancakes are hand-mixed and hand-flipped, a traditional technique that gives that 'lift the top off effect'. Our potato scones are also small batch baked and hand rolled and cut to give a superior taste and golden appearance.

About Us

In 1971 after spending many years learning his trade as a Master Baker Alan Johnstone decided it was time to open up his very own Bakery in the beautiful rolling countryside of Dumfries & Galloway. Preserving their father's tradition sons Malcolm and Stanley continue to use only the best ingredients and apply the careful, gentle baking processes for the quality products which Express Bakery has became renowned. As family bakers, Malcolm and Stanley's over riding principal has always been to use only the finest quality ingredients and apply the best baking techniques to give unrivalled taste, texture and appearance. The rolls are small batch, full of oven-spring and our pancakes are hand-mixed and hand-flipped. Our fleet of vans service all our customers from the bakery at Heathhall, providing them with freshly baked produces every day. At Express Bakery we apply the highest of technical standards and operate to SALSA accreditation and adhere to a strict HACCP system allowing us to maintain high standards in food safety. We offer craft, artisan bakery products made using traditional techniques whilst adopting a modern processing approach to bring a unique offering to our customers.

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